For Buyers

  • Buyer’s agents – we have a network of buyer’s agents across Sydney to assist with your search for the right property.
  • Pre-purchase investigations – we can arrange a building inspector to provide pre-purchase reports if required.
  • Feasibility – we can arrange town planners and architects to provide pre-purchase reports on any planning aspects involved.
  • Property Valuation – we can arrange a valuer to provide a market valuation of the property if required.
  • Taxation and accounting services – we can arrange tax or accounting advice from an accountant if required. This is especially important where overseas buyers are involved.
  • Land Tax advice – we can provide land tax advice if required (especially in the case of overseas buyers)
  • Attendance at the auction – if the property is to be purchased at auction, we can attend the auction on your behalf.
  • Property design – we have contacts in the home renovation industry – from architects, interior and landscape designers, etc
  • Renovation – we have contacts with builders, joiners, kitchen manufacturers, landscapers, and tradespersons etc to handle small or large projects.
  • Property management – we can arrange property managers to manage your investment property as required.
  • Legal services – we provide all legal services as required.
  • Recent projects – review our recent projects where we have acted for buyers.

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