Let us manage your next property project from start to finish.

We offer a complete property advisory service for local and overseas home buyers and investors.

We can assist:
  • overseas buyers who need someone “on the ground” in Sydney to manage and supervise a property renovation
  • local buyers (home buyers or investors) who lack the time or expertise to manage a project themselves
  • executors of deceased estates who wish to renovate a property for the purposes of a sale
  • charitable bodies in need of assistance with management/sale of deceased estates

We can handle all or any of the following matters on your behalf:

For Buyers:

Buyer’s agents - we have a network of buyer’s agents across Sydney to assist with your search for the right property.

For Sellers:

Property Valuation - we can arrange a valuer to provide a market valuation of the property if required.

All services (other than legal services) are handled by third party service providers - DLS merely selects the appropriate service provider and then manages the provision of those services on your behalf as the client. We act on your behalf as your agent in engaging the services of such persons - we don’t warrant the work or the services provided by these third parties, nor the quality of any appliances or other goods provided by them.

All work or services are carried out by suitably qualified and experienced persons, who have been carefully selected by us.

Where appropriate they hold the requisite licences to perform such work or services.

Where appropriate they also hold the requisite insurances.

Contact Simon Singer for more information.